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Renal hypoplasia

DA: 28

Developmental anomaly information

Definition: Renal hypoplasia dessignates a kidney that is congenitally small, with a mass falling more than two standars deviations (2SD) below the expected mean compared with age and other standard parameters of somatic growth such as height and body surface area. In addition, histologic evidence of metanephric maldifferentiation is lacking. ( lacks evidence of parenchymal maldifferentiation (renal dysplasia) or of acquired disease sufficient to explain the reduced size).


  • Reduction defects of kidney
  • Non-dysplastic renal hypoplasia

Developmental anomaly parent: (empty)

Topology: Human body > Abdomen > Retroperitoneum > Kidneys

System: Human body > Urinary system > Kidneys

Developmental anomaly category: Anomaly of underdevelopment or overdevelopment

Case records MDB189, MDB196, MDB246, MDB287, MDB289, MDB374, MDB379, MDB426, MDB458, MDB36, MDB171

Humpath: 11627

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Here is the list of developmental anomalies associated with this developmental anomaly, based on the cases' information :

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