Left-Sidedness, Bilateral

SYD: 36

Left-Sidedness, Bilateral

Description: Bilateral "Left-Sidedness"is a complex birth defect of congenital cardiac disease associated with multiple spleens (as contrasted to accessory spleen), there is a definite tendency for the symmetrical development of organs but with a tendency for bilateral left-sidedness or levo-isomerism. The abnormalities assumed one of three forms as follows: (1) absence of a normal right-sided structure, (2) bilateral organs, each with the structure of a left-sided organ, or (3) excessive tissue of a left-sided organ. Thus, in polysplenia there is a tendency for (1) absence of the hepatic segment of the inferior vena cava and absence of the gallbladder, (2) two lobes in each lung with hyparterial bronchi, and (3) multiple spleens. Other noncardiac abnormalities were partial or complete abdominal heterotaxia and partial malrotation of the bowel. The cardiac malformations included dextrocardia, bilateral superior venae cavae, anomalous pulmonary venous connection with malposition of the atrial septum, and defects in the atrial septum and in the ventricular septum

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Category: PPDFD , primary polytopic developmental field defects

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