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Arnold-Chiari Type II malformation (CM II)

DA: 62

Developmental anomaly information

Definition: Chiari type II malformation (CMII) is one of three hindbrain malformations that display hydrocephalus.In this case, the cerebellum and a portion of the brainstem are displaced into the spinal canal. CM II, is a unique hindbrain herniation found only in patients with myelomeningocele. Arnold-Chiari type II malformation may impede CSF flow and cause hydrocephalus, which occurs in more than 90% of infants with myelomeningocele(particularly after treatment of the myelomeningocele). Cerebral cortex dysplasia, including cerebral heterotopias, polymicrogyria, abnormal lamination, fused thalami, and corpus callosum abnormalities, are other anomalies often associated with Arnold-Chiari type II malformations.


  • Arnold-Chiari malformation
  • Classic CM
  • Cerebellomedullary Malformation Syndrome

Developmental anomaly parent: (empty)

Topology: Human body > Head and neck > Head > Cranium > Brain

System: Human body > Nervous system > Central nervous system

Developmental anomaly category: Malformation

Case records MDB43, MDB58, MDB187, MDB193, MDB220, MDB253, MDB256, MDB288, MDB366, MDB370, MDB378, MDB383, MDB397, MDB31, MDB417, MDB439, MDB445, MDB447, MDB507, MDB517, MDB542, MDB457

Humpath: 13365

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Here is the list of developmental anomalies associated with this developmental anomaly, based on the cases' information :

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