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Marginal subchorionic hematoma

DA: 524

Developmental anomaly information

Definition: Chorionic separation from its site of endometrial attachment can lead to hemorrhaging (hematomas) in various locations in the vicinity of its original implantation. These hematomas are referred to as marginal subchorionic hematomas, in which only the placental margin is separated; retroplacental hematoma, in which bleeding is behind the placenta; and subamniotic (preplacental) hemorrhage, in which a hematoma collects anterior to the placenta and is limited by the umbilical cord.


  • Subchorionic Hemorrhage

Developmental anomaly parent: (empty)

Topology: (empty)

System: (empty)

Developmental anomaly category: (empty)

Case records MDB179, MDB186, MDB219, MDB280, MDB384, MDB524
Observed in MDB cases
Observed in combinaisons (MDB)
Observed in malformative diseases (MDB)
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Associated developmental anomalies

Here is the list of developmental anomalies associated with this developmental anomaly, based on the cases' information :

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