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Lobulated, fused and horseshoe kidney

DA: 156

Developmental anomaly information

Definition: A variant of group of so-called fusion anomalies, in which both kidneys are fused together in early embryonic life.

Developmental anomaly parent: Renal fusion

Topology: Human body > Abdomen > Retroperitoneum > Kidneys

System: Human body > Urinary system > Kidneys

Developmental anomaly category: Malformation

Case records MDB48, MDB101, MDB135, MDB157, MDB265, MDB310, MDB332, MDB359, MDB364, MDB376, MDB380, MDB53, MDB391, MDB399, MDB408, MDB415, MDB417, MDB439, MDB52, MDB440, MDB462, MDB477, MDB487, MDB541, MDB257, MDB262, MDB306, MDB320

Humpath: 3418

Observed in MDB cases
Observed in combinaisons (MDB)
Observed in malformative diseases (MDB)
Associated genes in profile
Associated genes in malformative diseases
Associated chromosomal diseases
Associated signaling pathways
Associated developmental anomalies

Here is the list of developmental anomalies associated with this developmental anomaly, based on the cases' information :

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